Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scope ....

In software projects, there is a lot of inter-dependency between the various functions - Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Release Management, and Project Management.

In one of my project discussions with a project leader friend of mine, I saw a drastic difference in scope of the project. I wanted to know if the timeline also moved and to my surprise he said the time line does not move by a second, but the project scope definitely has moved more than anticipated.

In response to my question on how they were planning to handle this kind of a scope creep, the sincere project leader's answer was very simple : Cope with the Scope is the mantra.

True ... Day in and day out we in software industry constantly try to cope with the ever increasing and rarely diminishing project scope. Instead of continuing to see scope creep as a problem, my friend has given a challenge dimension to it and made 'Cope with Scope' as a norm at work.

Gives a lot of chance for the decision authorities and customers to keep moving scopes and almost no chance for the software engineers to avoid extended hours of mostly unnecessary hard work.

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