Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Age and the new perspective!!!!

Today's email conversation with my sister:

Me :

The travel desk guy has given my age as 32.... for the train tickets...!!!!! :( :( :( Either I look aged 32 or he is a bad judge :)

She :

Either he is a bad judge or
His wife is 32, or
The person who booked today before you did was 32, or
The ticket receipt number could be 32 and he used the same for want of a number, or
The average age of people in your company is 32...

This quick conversation clarified that there are many random angles possible when it comes to any decision that we take.

When I was taught perspectives in Engineering Drawing class back in college, all I knew is that there are different perspectives in which you can draw the same building or object. Never really occurred to me that we are dealing with decisions that dwell on perspectives all the time.

I want to term this new found perspective as Random perspective... With these random perspectives I believe, you have a chance to think better... and make puzzling situations, lighter and resolvable..


gugiinsingapore said...

this has always struck me as impossible to decipher... "why does someone do something"... as u'r sister said there could be so many reasons...

and then authors of detective stories (esp) make out motives and "chain of events" as if it were just a matter of reason... which is not always true cause humans are not always reasonable, are we? :)

Manjunath Raj said...

Luvly :) That's what the perspective thingie is all about :) I would like to add saying that the perpective is soley the individual's. He/She decides whether the usage of it becomes +ve or -ve in life :)

Honey said...

I luv the way yu pik a random topic and add so much of life to it.Someday I hope to see you write a book.xcuse me 4 the heavy usage of acronyms..Bad wrist pain..but dat din refrain me from leaving ma comment..;) How about a post on acronyms.. ? :)..Sudha Kannan

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