Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rabh Ne Banaa Di Jodi

That means 'God made the pair'. Of course a lot of us believe in God and we all pray for a lot of blessings in life...the most important one being a 'Made for each other' pair. That was my view and I was expecting to see something to the effect on the screen.

It was PVR Cinemas.. one thing about watching movies in such theatres in Bangalore.. every time you buy a movie ticket you pray to the good God, that the movie be worth the cash that you spend. So, we had bought the tickets and were all set for the Sharukh starrer RNBDJ.. It is an acronym world, so let's keep it that way.

Tanni marries Suri by chance and Suri was definitely not her choice.. (I like the ji suffixed with the name, but unless that is the way in Punjab, I am not sure if Suri should call his wife Tanniji.)But to Suri, Tanniji was his world and the best choice he ever made in life. Suri has never been around a lot of women and is by nature a very quiet person. Tanniji says she cannot love Suri, but is okay to take care of him. Suri loves Tanniji and is not sure how to express his love to Tanniji. Tanniji's passion for Dance, gave him a chance to portray himself as Raj, Tanniji's dance partner. The dance partnership moves to friendship, and then moves to Raj expressing his love for Tanniji.

This girl Tanni is unsure of her mind state now : Should she stay with Suri who is no more than some one she has respect for ? Can she admit that she likes Raj in spite of being Mrs. Suri ?

Suri's mind : Can Tanniji love him for what he is? Does she love Raj or Suri? Can't she see that Suri loves her whole-hearted? If she loves Raj, should he kill his original self Suri from the drama and love her as Raj while he had planned to take Raj character off the scene and remain his own Suri self?

Raj says that he sees Rabh ( God) in Tanniji while Suri does not say it. Suri says all that he wants to say through another character called Raj. The story writer has attempted a psychology game here. No one can change Tanniji's first impression on Suri, so Suri has to come in as Raj, a hero in Tanniji's eyes to change the perception, then let her discover the truth herself, and then unite with Suri, like a typical Indian mind. The psychology game worked well, may be in the movie, but it also caused a lot of confusion.

First : It is sad that you cannot identify your husband in a different make over.
Second : Even if that's admitted, I somehow cannot admit the fact that the guy wanted to find out if she will continue to stay with the marriage or move out. There is no trust factor there.
Third : God made the Jodi and it was meant to be this way is the message, but am sure things would have taken a different turn if the dance partner had been some one else.
Four : Raj character's emotions could sink in easily, the girl's emotions could sink in easily, the Suri character's emotions ( tears welled up most of the times) didn't really hit. It was meant to hit the audience and not the girl, but in this case, neither the audience nor the Tanniji could understand the love.

Plus : The setting, the Pani Puri scene, The girl's salwar kameez, Sharukh, Music,

In short : A confused fiction, a time-pass, not worth a PVR movie ticket that cost Rs.200.


gugiinsingapore said...

thanks so much for the review, i've been wanting it. this in a way reminds me on You've Got Mail... except for the married part...

Manjunath Raj said...

I luved the movie :) If u do not get into the depths too much, it is definitely a good watch :) A li'll different from the average masala bollywood movies ;)

Here's my take:

Shah Rukh Khan: Outstanding as Suri. The perfect common man the Indian man is. The perfect husband anybody can find :)

Anuskha: Good acting skills though a newbie. She is here to stay :)

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