Friday, January 16, 2009

The Busy icon

Yes, everyone is busy doing something all the time.

If you are at home, you are busy attending to home needs and people needs, or sometimes taking care of your space and spending time your way.

If you are on the road, you are busy driving, waiting for a bus or auto, or walking very fast to reach a destination.

If you are in office, you are busy in a meeting, on the phone, at work, at lunch, or with a coffee cup.

There are other times when you are busy in a temple, shopping center, friend's place, hosting a party, attending functions, watching TV, reading book, spending time on your hobbies and so on...

Even if you are sleeping, your mind is still busy dreaming or processing something or the other, like a background script, of which you are not aware most of the times.

Now tell me, is there any point in saying 'I am busy' at all? I am talking about the internet people only here. I see people putting on the busy icon in the chat windows and continuing to work or doing whatever they are occupied with.

Can't we just accept that we can still afford to take one or two messages from a friend and that we are never really going to be 'free' to take some message until we choose to make time?

Try not keeping the word 'Busy' on Google Talk or any chat client, instead you may want to write something like:' At work, let's talk later' or something more meaningful to your friends or people who try to reach you. This way, people do not feel that you don't have time for them.

Spend that time with people at least once in a while. The time that you spend with people matters more than anything else most of the times.


Crescentia Kalpana David said...

"busy will talk later" seems like a very sensible thing to do. i usually sign out if i can't chat. But there were times when i had to sign in to chk something with a frnd. i will try this :)

nishitak said...

Very nice post. Totally agree...generally, if I am busy, I customize the busy message a bit so that it gives a more meaningful message :)

One more point, if you are indeed busy, it is better to ensure that you are logged off / or showing the busy sign. Sometimes, folks (and even I have done it) keep the Available status, but we are too caught up in our work, to actually have a nice chat with somebody.

Casey said...

I like this post a lot. If you are really busy - log off the IMs. If you want ppl to know you are busy via IMs -you are jes a show off. Tht may sound harsh - but I said it like I feel it.

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