Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rajini, Madhav and Me

The day seemed hectic at Madhav's paradise.Well, there was nothing unusual about it. With Rajini and Madhav frantically working on their computers, I almost decided that the interview I was hoping to have with them that day, was not happening. I did not even want to ask them. The least I could do for them was to just keep quiet which is very rare... If you know me , you would admit that.

Well, my favorite and tested saying: 'Expect the Unexpected' proved true, for the umpteenth time, when Madhav actually asked me if I remember about the interview appointment that evening. Thrilled beyond limits, I readily re-slated schedules at my end and geared up for the interview. I had prepared the questions about a few months back with Rajini in mind, but then, thought it is okay to have answers heard out from both Madhav and Rajini on the same set of questions. There were just a few questions, as I had always seen them with their 'Busy' tag on their forehead. I firmly believe that "if people are busy then do not expect them to be attentive when you talk". So after ensuring that the horizon was clear at Madhav's paradise I went over to talk. Rajini joined us with sandwich parcels presumably their evening snacks. On the 8th Floor of our office, over sandwiches, we settled down to talk.

There were butter sandwiches, egg sandwiches and veg.sandwiches. Now, table manners and etiquettes demand that everyone around the table eats. Some book that I had read back in school or college reminded me dutifully. Don't refuse anything point blank.Look for alternatives.[ Amazzzinggg memory power...!!!!that reminds you of things that do not concern with academics.I am not complaining,just 'thinking out loud' of how partial the mind can be.]

I hate Butter and Egg and the vegetable sandwich was definitely not very tempting at the moment. Took a quick decision to taste Butter sandwich though I didn't like it. Angel Etiquette smiled. :):):) I smiled back secretly.

Madhav and Rajini : I can write a whole new post on what I observed from these Gurus.So let's drop the stylistic introduction I would very much want to give, like all those high sounding magazines do on the stars of the interview.

I thought it would be a major effort to get these Gurus to talk, but then it was easier than expected. The interview quickly shifted to conversation mode and time flew very fast. Heavy rain outside was playing Rock Music ( I like Rain but not Rock Music) on the asbestos sheet over our heads. As if the music was not enough, the building's power control machines were roaring just behind us.. ( God knows what all it controls).

Nice atmosphere, I thought. I was glad all the same because, I was not sure, if I would have felt comfortable in Madhav's paradise where every second minute there was a phone call for Rajini or a crisis call for Madhav.

There have been times when I have stood there and found myself wondering if they built the TITANIC's Control in his paradise, and the mechanism conked during the ship's first voyage, and few thousands of people died, and my office was sealed close, and all of us were arrested. Or if that didnt sound serious enough, then you could imagine a rocket launch failure... Remember, you built the rocket funded by the World Bank!!!!...... even if that didnt sound serious to you, then sorry, I am not able to paint the picture of the tension in Madhav's paradise right. Now read on.

Rajini - 'Patience and Patience unlimited' is the tag line I would give him.
Madhav - 'Perfection and Perfection unlimited' is the tag line I would give him. He says if others were to give him a tagline it would mostly be HITLER. He is perceived by most people almost always, to be strict, and ever-looking for perfection..

I have never thought this way, though I keep off from him when things just don't seem right at his end. Ideally no one should do that ( Books say, Don't go away from people when they are in trouble), but then in an office atmosphere, when there is very little I can do about tensions at higher level, all I do on most days is to just keep off both of them ....You see we are in different teams and we have different levels of work pressures, mine always less than his. :)

I have always wondered how people can carry themselves so well when nothing at all seems right. I can't help comparing my own attitude at times with that of these Gurus. Madhav, over two years into Management and Rajini, just into Management share their views on Work place and the way they handle it without any icing... It was a 'plain-cake talk' basically. They spoke straight out of the heart and I felt I had chosen the right people to get opinions on the subject I am researching on for my article - Work place and Paradise.

By the way, these Gurus have gained promotion as my friends over the last few months. So it was basically a cool talk with friends than that of an interview, but I still had a paper with questions printed, so I don't get into the casual chat mode without any purpose. You see, I am not supposed to waste their time. Remember, they have gladly taken off their' Busy tags' just for my questions.

The story will continue in the next post....

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