Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dawn - flash

During my visit to Kerala last weekend, I met an old man. I spent few minutes talking to him.

His view point:

All of us work on computers. In a computer, you run anti-virus software that saves your machine from virus related problems. You clear up your folders and arrange files once in a while. If there are files you do not need, you take time to delete them.

If you are taking so much care to keep your computer clean and safe, why not put the same effort to keep your mind safe ?

Your mind is your brain which is equivalent to a computer.

Anything that happens within you is due to the brain and anything that happens outside gets straight into the brain. Now, if you choose to retain only those points that give u knowledge, happiness, confidence and other such positive notes, then 'your computer' will remain healthy. Mental Health leads to physical health and happiness.On the contrary, anything that causes anger, worry, and other such negatives are to be deleted instantly from our minds.

Keep reflecting...

Until the next flash,


-Lura- said...

lets say my brain is a computer (Assumption 1 - I have a brain)
happpy stuff and good stuff is data
bad stuff is virus

then what in the world is windows

Dew Drop said...

Nice comment.....
The Operating system with which the Brain is programmed to work might be analogous to windows...
Hypersmart questions like this indicate that your assumption is true.

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