Monday, November 30, 2015

You must love it to win.

I came across a beautifully hand-written book title in a hospital's reception desk. I could not help asking, "is it hand-written or printed?". The counter clerk was visibly pleased that the work got noticed and said it was hand-written.

Such beautiful script it is, the Cursive. I recalled some of my friends' handwriting that I have admired throughout my school days, and I still do. Mine was also once in the list of award-winning hand-writing.

Today, after years of leaving school I find it very hard to write a legible piece of text in a notebook. The other day I had to write a note to my daughter's class teacher in her school diary. Pathetic is the best word I can use for my hand writing at present.

Surprisingly, all the cards or wishes that I write still come out neat!!! Which is a good news. But, I want to work on my handwriting. I managed to find someone who has a really good hand writing in the same hospital and asked him about how he manages to keep his handwriting as good as it is, in this computer dominated world. He is also on the computer all the time. I came to know that his love for pens and writing styles is the reason for his good hand writing skills. How True!!! Little did I realize that there was a time when I used to love pens and writing. Now I hardly take time at the store to really choose a nice pen for myself. I simply pick out a pen and that's the last thing I would spend time on at any store.. explains how disinterested I am in actually writing neatly.

Somewhere I have learnt that for anything to work well, you must actually admire it or something related to it.

Cooking - You should either like the dish yourself, or think of the smiles when people in your house taste it, or you should like your kitchen, the cooking set-up or your new mixer, or should like the person you are cooking the dish for. If one of these is true, your dish will definitely come out well.

Same with studies, hobbies, interests and everything in this world. It all depends on how much you are interested. And the worst part is, you cannot cultivate interest if you have not imagined success at least once.

Today, I saw a beautiful picture.. So beautiful that I cant take my eyes off it. Realized that I run a lot everyday with zero time to spare and needed to stop and admire this picture. Took few min on the picture and in the evening managed to buy myself a drawing book to start my drawing hobby all over again. Lets see how much it cycles on, but feels good to have started the foundation. You must love something to do well in the subject. Whatever context it is.

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