Monday, November 16, 2015

Feel Like Writing

After a very long time, I am in this 'Feel like writing' mood. I discovered that this happens when the mind is full of something and words are few.

I am thinking of closing this series of blog posts soon, say mid of next year and then planning to do something different on blog. Ten years of blogging, although very rare these days, blogger has been my start of real writing.

Technical Writing, Content Writing, Technology Writing, Techno-functional Writing, Instructional Writing are few of the many kinds of writing that my jobs taught me. But my blog taught me things that these kinds of writing didn't teach.

How to write without worrying about the grammar?
How to write without worrying about what a reviewer would say?
How to take comments well?
How to think like it doesn't matter what you write as long as you write without hurting other people?

Somewhere during the blogging tenure I thought I will try to make some cash out of it... Then dropped the idea.
Someone picked up content that they thought interesting and posted on newspaper.. Felt good. Then decided that I wont target the newspaper as well. It should just happen that I write something and it gets liked and picked up. It is so easy to start writing for a targeted audience which I didn't want.
Some people I know started blogging and claim to have got the interest from my blog pages. This is good news and I cherish the credits.

Some people still follow my blog, although I rarely can make time for blogging. It is for those bloggers I write this post notifying of my decision to start a new blog, the topics or content of which are not yet decided. I am not even sure if I would be doing a new blog space, but the fact is I want to do something new. When it clicks you will see it as a post before I wind up this space.

I still have a few more months before my new venture begins, so keep watching for some thoughts that may come up.. although in the middle of the night like NOW.


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