Monday, April 09, 2012

Wish animals could talk!!!

Never a great animal lover, but I always have thought that they are  nicer than human beings. I always think that people in the pretext of caring and loving animals unintentionally harm them and curb them of their freedom.. And besides am super scared of animals, whereas never of human beings... ideally it should be the reverse, I know!!!

When I was on my usual walk one morning, I saw a cow approaching our main gate. Instinct said that the cow would stop by my gate and it did!!! Surprise of surprises, as for the first time I could guess the move of an animal right in my life.

On the cow's eyes, I saw a look that I don't know quite to explain. I just decided that I will go inside to fetch a banana for the cow to eat. Again a bold move according to me.. Also wanted to make sure that the cow does not misunderstand my going in as indifference.. I still don't know where I got this kind of compassion from, but was glad to know this undiscovered truth about myself.

I gestured the cow to wait, like a police man would give a stop signal on Indian roads if the traffic signals do not work and hoped to God that the cow would understand. I rushed as fast as my feet would permit inside the house and brought the banana for the cow. I was happy to see that the cow did understand my gesture.

The next biggest challenge was to give the banana to the cow. From childhood, the idea of feeding a cow or any animal for that matter scared me. Since, it is a practice in our Tamil families to feed cows on the day after Sankaranti ( Harvest Festival that falls in the second week of January every year ), I was quite conscious of the many times I jumped away from the cow after almost dropping the banana in front of the cow every time... Trust me, it has been every time a big grand failed attempt.

Now this time, I was sure that I wanted to neither drop the banana or jump about like I used to. So, safest bet was to keep the banana on the compound wall. The cow attempted to take the banana and in the process the banana fell inside the compound. I picked it up and put it outside the gate for the cow to eat. It was nice to see the cow eat the fruit.

A wave of satisfaction spread all over my head. Quite unexplainable. Then, I stood watching its next move. After waiting for a minute or two, staring into my eyes, the cow slowly started walking its way down the road. I noticed that there was blood dripping from one of its sides. I now understood the look the cow gave me; It had been a look of pain.

How sad, that the animal could not talk!

Man with his ability to talk, to express, to think does not realize the value of all of these really big gifts. We don't talk when we must, don't express the way we should, don't think what we must. Will we ever improve??!!!

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