Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conversations - a totally diffferent take

I just received a phone call from a cousin of mine. We have not really spoken to each other in a long time, but when we started talking, time just flew. I realized it was late and we then chose to end the conversation.

After the talk, I sat back relaxed and happy not because I had any information or any news or anything else significant, but then a complete free and joyous feeling of just having spoken about nothing in particular.

I just realized that it is possible for long conversations without a particular serious issue or significant pre- planned discussion.  And to top all realizations related to conversations, is this: All it takes is two people who can speak on the phone for a continuous five minutes without getting bored or driving others to boredom. If you can engage someone on the phone for five minutes without getting bored with their talk, then you will surely be able to continue conversing with them for longer than that...

Weather, studies, school, culture, traffic, tradition,work, home were all our topics; Of course all these are my after thoughts.. And what a relief  it is to talk about nothing in particular and still enjoy the conversation. And I did feel a welcome warmth in the talk and hopes of meeting the person the next chance I get.

Another realization.. Serious talks last long may be, but also leave marks at times... Once in a while serious talks with people are okay... But for the most part, to enjoy life and to learn different practices and places its best to keep talks light and easy. Could be long talks, but light is the need of the hour... to stress less and to live life better. :-)

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