Sunday, January 01, 2012

Wishes - 2012

It has been a wonderful start for us this year... Thank God.. We had a chance to listen to Usha Uthup at a New Bash in Muscat last night. It was a good experience and a great change.

I am falling off my chair as I am typing this post, but it is determination that is keeping me awake to write what I want to...

The crowd at the venue and in many parties across the world know about enjoying New years day where as my home town Cuddalore has been hard hit by the cyclone Thane.. I wonder about these interesting names though!!!I couldn't help thinking about the other side of the world that always exists and is of course in its own world!!!!

I called up home this morning to wish my parents and sister a very happy new year 2012.

Since day before yesterday they have not been having power and the last drop of water in the over-head tank in our house got over last night. There are few shops open and some essentials are available albeit sky-rocketing cost. Few people can afford the kind of money the sellers ask for the items on sale. There are at least ten electric posts shattered on most roads and at least 100 transformers damaged in the town. Road blocks and disrupted daily routine is causing a total chaos in the town.

I had questions and concerns about the ATM, the power cut, the water, the groceries, the esentials that my folks would need at home...When asked, my father said, " we should be glad that we have a roof for shelter and food for the next few days.. You must see the rest of the town, largely dependent on the sea ( fisher men) and fields ( farmers). You will really not know how to react to their plight in today's state of affairs here in Cuddalore".

That said, he went off to supervise the crane that was working to remove the tree that has fallen on our building... Many buildings are facing this in the quiet town..

My town has been on news of such high alert magnitude only now after the Tsunami back in December 2004. I finally realized the meaning of the chinese proverb that says : Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else..

With all these running on my head, I am wishing everyone in my town a very happy new year 2012. I am sure none of them in the town had any thought to celebrate the break of this new year last night, although everyone is very cooperative to help each other in as many small ways as they can. This nature will take them all a long way, and I am sure the year is going to be wonderful for the town folks.

I wish the cities and the countries that had a chance to celebrate the break of new year dawn, spend a minute thinking about these natural calamities struck places ( Japan faced an earth quake this morning) and thanking their stars for their good fortune.

God Bless!!! Happy New year all of you.. This year, take time to think and thank!!!!

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Casey said...

Happy New Year 2012, Deepa. Hope this is a great year for you :)

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