Monday, January 09, 2012

Senseless advertisement!!!!

One of this is true.. Either the advertisement is senseless or it doesn't make sense only to me... and makes perfect sense to the rest of the world and is a value add to the product being advertised!!!!

I happened to see this advertisement sometime recently. An expectant mother at about her full term rushes in at top speed into a marriage hall. The scene on the stage is that the bride groom is about to tie the knot. This lady just yells " STOP".. and the people in the full-house hall turn to look at her; the bride groom is forced to stop the sacred ceremony and his hand along with the 'Mangalyam' is in mid-air; and this blessed lady says : A particular pressure cooker company is offering 'Buy One Get One Free' discount...

Now, just how important is the discount sale in the middle of a wedding ceremony? Does it matter at all? Wonder where the advertisement makers have their senses? Even if they had thought about keeping to a slight sense of humor, this advertisement does not make sense in the context of the importance of a pressure cooker!!!

The series of Ads that have been recently done for the popular pressure cooker company all try to be surely as absurd as this one.. But Why???

Which is why I am saying.. Either I have got it wrong or the advertisement is senseless!!! Which ever be the case, it has failed to impress a customer.. and I am sure many of you who can relate to this advertisement would also feel the same way..

Will the ad film makers think??

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Rythm of life said...

"Will the ad film makers think?? "
The truth is they don't think anymore. ;)

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