Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What makes you do your best?

When the last of the guests left the house that evening at 5:00P.M after a very interesting family function which involved pooja, fun and food, I realised that the two day-night continuous work took an instant toll on my balance.

It is amazing how we can summon up all the strength that we possibly can and work through the days and nights to get a job done or do something to the best of our ability, and then just drop drained on the floor after the event is over.

Where does the strength come from? Is it commitment, or the resolve to give our best?  Is it the self-made promise or the traditional Indianness involving niceties such as hospitality, love and care?? Is it the satisfaction of the Smiles that you want to see on everyone's face that makes you do what you do very well?

Could be all of the above, but then when I finally went off to sleep that night, there was an immense peace that took over my senses and I really took that well deserved rest after a very long time.

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Suresh GP said...

Well said Deepa. This post urged me to reinforce the fact it is a combination of all the factors described. I believe the DNA of every Indian has the ingredient of hospitality and particularly with the lady who adorns the house with her commitment/relentless effort and enjoys after creating warmth of smile among the guests. It is a truly wonderful experience and please continue your instigating posts :-)

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