Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On cleaning.....

It is not that I am seeing an array of cleaning agents for the first time in a supermarket, but this is definitely the first time I am giving this stack a good look.

I was just getting used to the idea of cleaning up and constant cleaning up required in any household. As I was walking past the numerous stacks with dozen different varieties of cleaning aids and liquids for a hundred different purposes, I was wondering if half of people's lifetime is actually spent in washing, scouring,cleaning and clearing up of dust, stains, and dirt.

In the next minute, my doubt was clarified. There was this little kid busy mopping the floor with the brand new mop he picked up from his mother's shopping crate. You should have seen the sincerity with which the mopping was happening on the already spic and span floor. My judgement says the child would definitely not be more than two years old. Trust me, I would not have held the mop so professionally. A lot of us adults stopped, looked and smiled, while the child's mother was completely lost in shopping for the best cleaning agent.Either she had seen the scene and knew her son too well, or was too busy to look. I hoped that she didn't miss this wonderful sight.

I am quite convinced that half of our lifetime is definitely spent in cleaning up and the dusting work and this art is learnt as early as 2 years of age!!!! in some houses. Okay, 'half' may be a bad statistic, so make it 'a lot of time...'

My thoughts were interrupted as the hypermarket indoor-cleaning vehicle drove past me, dusting and mopping the floor. The man smiled at the child's seemingly angry and confused look and the mop in the little hands.May be the child was wondering why this man was disturbing his

The next day onward, I am doing my cleaning work a little more sincerely than before, I think.

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Narayanan said...

'Cleaning' - a simple english word that gets into any context - be it physical, spirutual et al. Lots of things we attempt to clean get cleaned and rest stay dirty -; few which we would like to be clean always but never even stays close to less dirty - like the Indian Judiciary which is bathing in falsified glory on the recently delivered verdict on Ram Janma bhoomi !

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