Monday, September 27, 2010


"This place is totally deserted..".I have read and heard this statement quite often but it never registered into my emotional depths until one fine morning here in Muscat when I chanced to look out the window.

I was almost done with the usual routines in my new home when my random thoughts were disturbed by a 'now-too-familiar' truck's slow murmur on the 'work-in-progress' roads.

I looked out the window and saw the vast expanse of desert till as far as I could see. I have always thought that deserts would have fine sand dunes all over the place, and imagined that apart from the burning heat, the scene would be very beautiful and romantic.A sharp contrast is the view of the desert I see from our living room.It is full of stone flakes and coarse sand.I learnt later during our short trip to the nearest beach, that this place is classified as a desert because of its flaky and rocky mountains spread as far as your eyes can see.

I still think desert is a wonderful work of art. The deserts give the best touch to the twilight, dawn, dusk and night sky.

This beautiful city has been built in such a desert. Or may be the desert backdrop adds beauty to the city. Its a picturesque sight to see the rocky mountains from a screen of permanent dust arising from the coarse sand.

More observations of a first timer in this city :

  • There are too few people on the roads.
  • The heat here can fry anything including you in a few minutes.
  • Out of the ten rare people you see in a place, almost eight speak a language you cannot comprehend.
  • There seem to be many cars than people on the roads.
  • There seem to be many lights on the roads than cars and people counted together.
  • All pavements are so clean that you want to stop by to check if they are real or are from a painting.
  • The sunset by the beach is a visual treat.
  • The beautiful morning sky brightens up as early as 5:15 A.M, although the sun rise is only at 6:00A.M. It is of course spectacular with a mountainous backdrop and dusty roads. I really wish I could paint the picture.
  • The universal language in this city is silence and its a little too deafening.I touched my throat and thanked God for the vocal chord I have been gifted with. Suddenly this thanks meant a lot. We never thank God for some of these gifts.. I have learnt to speak in low tones too.I know the ones who know me wont really believe me, but trust me, I can talk in the lowest of tones and still be audible.
  • Saravana Bhavan is one savior if you want to hear some noise. Indians speak loudly is a truth I learnt at Saravana Bhavan, a branch of the famous restaurant in T.Nagar, Chennai. I could not help thinking of the hustle and bustle in Chennai.Its so much fun to think of it now, although a lot of times people in Chennai crib a lot about the crowd.
  • There are no traffic cops on the roads here.
  • Vehicles synchronize themselves so well on the wide, narrow, winding and straight roads here. Wonder if the same Indian would take care to/can drive this methodically on the roads in India?? Unsure.
  • On any given day, the hypermarket here is the most populated place in the entire city.
  • The beaches are beautiful and the Arabian water is very clear.
  • The people here love their country and respect their culture, tradition and religion. It automatically brings a comfortable smile on your face.
  • Its amazing that such a well planned and inhabitable city/town ( still trying to judge) has been built on this rocky desert land.
  • The vastness of landscapes and hugeness of buildings and the wideness of roads amaze you... mostly because you are not sure if there are as many people in this city that can put the infrastructure to full use.
  • Everything is so Royal-looking and architectural here.
  • There are a lot of beautiful women here.

All said, outside the closed comfort of our beautiful home, I still feel that this place is so totally 'deserted'. Now I know what the line means much better than I had known in the past.

Smiley note: I fully realize that this is because it is my first time in a foreign land, first time away from Internet and mobile phone for a long time, and first time in a very sparsely populated zone. I am learning to cope and I am learning fast.

This post was written last week and I could not post it until now. I have started reading the place better now. The last post had a lot of comments from readers and brought a smile on my face. I am truly thankful that I hold this blog and never felt this way as much as I did today. Thanks folks.. You are one reason why I must continue to write.

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