Monday, September 22, 2008

How are you?

That's the question I heard from Ms. A to Mr. B.

Here is the conversation that followed:

Ms.A : Hey, How are you? Long time...
Mr.B : Fine, thanks :) Am on my way out!!!
Ms.A : That was fast... Where are you off to??
Mr.B : Am off to XYZ software company.
Ms.A : Good.. When is your last working day here?
Mr.B : Day after tomorrow.. :) Will send a mail.
Ms.A : Thanks, stay in touch :) All the best!!! :)

So, if you have not met someone for long in a software company, don't be surprised if you hear such kind of response to your 'How are you?'... Life in software industry is like this of late :)

At work, spend time with your friends and remember to call if you do not see someone in his cube for long.. For all you know the person would have left the place permanently.. :-)


gugiinsingapore said...

So true of all of us in the S/W industry. Am getting so dizzy from all my movements and of those around me. Stop stop I want to scream... but I can't help myself as much as the other person can :)

RIPUJIT said...

I agree , but its sad but true S/W industry is all about rush rush & rush :)... Like not time at all

Casey said...

Found it :D
I had read this post earlier but did not expect that I would be agreeing to this post so soon - well, thats IT today :D
Totally enjoy your posts da!

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