Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Not a new word for people in crowded cities. On my way back from office, I got caught in heavy, peak hour, evening traffic. Of course I chose these words very carefully. Heavy because, you cannot move an inch in whatever vehicle you are in; peak hour because all software companies are off at the same time; Evening traffic is worth mention because everyone wants to reach the same place, on the same road, and at the same pace as you!!!

A quick chat with a very interesting friend last week made me understand that there is no point in cribbing about things you can't change... traffic being one of the lot. She told me how she enjoyed the music from some Festive procession while it was causing a very heavy traffic jam on the route.

I was beginning to get irritated with the long wait, but remembered the recent lesson and tried looking for something to enjoy.... Here's what I noticed:

  • From what is written on the sides of auto-rickshaws you will learn at least one proverb, a philosophical quote, or a two line romantic poem.
  • You'll learn new names from the cars.
  • You'll notice nice paintings on the windows of the trucks.
  • You'll chance to listen to the songs from the latest movies, blaring from the player on the adjacent vehicle.
  • You'll see the latest phone models and Ipods. People have really begun to take traffic jams easy!!
  • You'll see trends in formal and casual wears.
  • You have the chance to note down a real-estate office's number.
  • You can note down contacts for your house-hold work: plumber, contractor, cleaner and electrician. It is all on the advertisement boards on the sides.
  • You can find out the website that lists the latest eateries in the city along with the reviews.
  • You can spot an old friend struck in the traffic. You've lost touch for the simple reason: Out of sight is out of Mind. So, you can catch up on a quick phone call and make an appointment for the same weekend.
  • You can answer all your missed calls if you care for courtesy, else you can message back saying: "Am sorry, I was in a meeting... Can we talk this evening?" if you really are the types who loves to stay in touch.
  • You'll note the new cars and bikes on road.

There might be a lot more.. but so much is quite a number for a long wait in heavy,peak hour, evening traffic. So, just may be, the next time you are held up in heavy traffic on you way home from work, you must consider really looking around for such facts that often matter most to us.

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yezdi3736 said...

Plethora of suggestions! Amazing tips to handle the infamous Bengaluru traffic. Am flattered that you mentioned abt me in your post.We should circulate this a mail and who knows you might get it back as a fwd smtime :)

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