Friday, July 11, 2008

Thin lines...

It is said that there is a very thin line between certain two closely placed aspects on the life line...sometimes it is very hard to really demarcate the two. Some of them I gathered are :

  • Think and Worry
  • Stress and Tension
  • Competition and Rivalry
  • Criticism and Jealousy

When you read these terms separately you are sure of their definition. When you put in a careful thought, you really are not sure of the aspect you are referring to at any point in time...

Not clear ?

  • Try to figure out if you are stressed or tensed?
  • Try to identify if you are thinking or worrying?
  • Try to see if you are competing with something/someone or do you have a rivalry situation?
  • Are you trying to be a critic or are you being jealous?

Honestly, it is difficult to tell... Give it some thought.. If we manage to keep these two aspects separate, am sure all our professional and personal lives will improve for good.

Use the web reference or any dictionary reference to find the word meaning, but connect with yourself to find out if you can clearly distinguish these thoughts....

This is one of my recently gained insights.

1 comment:

Shalini said...

Very interesting view point indeed... Got me thinking... Good stuff!

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