Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jaane Tu yaa Janne Naa

Maane Tu yaa Maane Naa....The girl in the movie, Aditi, is a typical fun loving, adorable college student.

Nice movie... That's a blanket statement I would give just like most others who watched the movie would say..

The story is simple... Two friends think that share nothing but friendship but then later decide that there's more to their relationship than plain friendship. The story is world-known, but the way this movie has been made is very different from the regular Bollywood films.

There is a lot of fun and nice dialogues that take you back to your early college days... There is good music.. Thanks to Rahman... :) There is lot of English and socialization in the movie, thanks to today's way of life in most metros.. :-) There is a lot of noise and cheer and fun and laughter.. :-)

On the surface look, this movie is a cool time pass. On careful thoughts, you will notice a few pointers that never get explicitly called out anywhere in the movie... These have been left for the audience to explore.

There are scenes that tell you how it is important to notice that children are not as happy as you think they are, how talents in kids go unnoticed simply because you do not care to notice, and how inherent skills/attitudes surface some day or the other... Could be my interpretations, but you will surely notice it too..

For an analysis this is a good movie..
For a causal mind less time pass, this is a fantastic movie..
For college goers, am sure this movie is sure to kindle a lot of hard-to-justify thoughts..
For fun lovers this is great..
For people who are looking for a change from the usual Hindi movies this is a definite hit..

A nice mix of old story in a modern canvas with colourful palette of music, dialogues, and fun. A rare make in today's film industry.


Manjunath Raj said...

Hey Deeps :-) That's a nice n neat review :-)

sneha said...

THS movie makes me smile whenever i watch it(10 times on TV)..(2 times on Theatre)!!! and Mahesh(my husband)smles seeing me.. watching ths movie!!! :)

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