Tuesday, July 15, 2008

IT park in Moon

Yesterday a thought quickly crossed my mind... What if all software companies migrate to Moon someday....

Dress codes may change and I think will be more formal for sure, due to the temperature conditions in Moon.

People may not work long hours as they have to travel back to their homes in the Earth the same day.

All fast food corners on Earth will open only on weekends. All software engineers go to work to the Moon during the week and they don't have time to have junk food. They get to eat only twice a day. Due to the differences in the environment, they may not feel hungry in Moon. So its likely that they stay out of junk food during the week.

The Passport office will have a new wing called Pass Sphere that issues permits and identities to the software employees.

The conveyance between Earth and Moon will be expensive. There will be no need for any cafeteria or food in Moon, so the companies can cope with the travel expenses.

The software engineered in the Moon will have to comply with ETEPZ ( Extra Terrestrial Export Processing Zone ) rules where all the software has to be sold at a definite rate to all the businesses run on Earth for the benefit of every one.

Appraisal schemes will be revised to have only two codes - IN and OUT. If you manage to be IN, then you are eligible for a standard increase in pay package. If you are OUT, you can never get a Pass Sphere again for five years. That means you can get back to software industry after you clear the Pass Sphere procedures again after five years. In effect you will be jobless for five years. However, if you are smart enough you can get into other industries to earn a living. The ETEPZ rules admit you into software industry again even if you have served in non-software domains for five years.

These are some of the quick crazy thoughts that crossed my mind.. What is your thought.. Keep adding... :)


Kalpana Harikrishnan said...

Road traffic will ease out definitely :-) Giant like buses will no more appear on the roads...
There will be a galaxyport next to airport where people coming from moon will land. And then an airbus (which actually flies) will drop them at home (weird thought... I accept)
Skymails will replace emails - the only way to contact people at moon.
Mobile ellam kooru pottu vippanga - remember people cannot use their cell phones in the moon. Only when they are on earth (night time during weekdays & weekends) they can utilise their cellphone.

Just a few that came to my mind....

daringdil said...

Room pothu Yosipingaloe

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