Thursday, April 04, 2019

Sadness x Happiness

Antonym of the word happy is sad. Goes to say that the word sad is just a word. No more, no less. We often complicate life with these oldest language construct Antonym.
  • Graphs taught us positive and negative as much as Chemistry that taught us cations and anions.
  • Astronomy has Night and Day as opposites while Science brought in Full x Empty, Fast x Slow. 

Kinder garden text book has these:
  • Tall x Short
  • Good x Bad
  • Big x Small
  • Heavy x Light
  • Beautiful x Ugly
  • Black x White

While we fully well and clearly see that these are just words, we often give a heavy weight to one side of the cross mark. The cross mark x in writing an antonym is in itself a mere indicator that we are seeing polar ends of any given idea. Park the thought right there.

Now lets ask ourselves:
  • Who said that only the left hand side is ‘good’ and the right is ‘bad’??
  • Is your left eye precious to you than the right eye?? Same with all the parts of your body. We want left and right to be in sync and harmony for a balance right??

If that is clear, then why are we giving so much weight to one side of the antonym equation alone??
  • Why do we give so much weight to the ‘not-so-happy’ moments or sad moments?? 
  • Why are we wanting only to be ‘happy’ and are not liking the other polarity ‘sad’?? 
  • Why do we not realise that being in one of the modes for a longer time can affect us disruptively?? 
  • Why do we have to be happy all the time?? 

After all happiness and sadness are what we have named our inner feeling to be! 

If we were to graphically understand, Happiness should be in blips to give you the sense of being alive( Check the blips in your ECG)  If it is a flat line of all happiness all the time, life becomes stagnant and eventually distasteful too (A flat line in ECG means lifeless). 

Sadness happens to understand Happiness. That said, dealing with a sad feeling is important to realise happiness when it happens. It is said, Sadness when shared divides to feel lesser. Eventually you will be ready to receive happiness too. 

Never try to deal your sorrows or sadness alone. Find a friend to talk to or seek help.

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