Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Interview with a friend who finishes seven years in an organization

For those of who you have known my posts, you would have noticed that I keep posting interviews with some people on and off. It just happens in my mind and the next thing I type off questions or if they are reachable, I walk over to talk to them.

Today, when a friend of mine in office finished seven years, I asked if he can give me some answers to some really easy questions which can help the juniors get to where he is : Seven successful years of exemplary service with an organization.

Here are my questions and his answers:

Recall something from your first working day in this company other than the regular new induction formalities:

From my 1st day here, as I got a tour of the building, I was excited to see how there was no hierarchy and even the founders had the same cubicle as mine.

Say one of two traits of yourself that you think brought you where you are:
From my initial work days, I remember how I was awed by people around me. It looked like I need to challenge myself and improve myself tremendously to be able to gain respect from my peers. That trait I think, has helped me reach where I am today. I still like to keep myself occupied with technical challenges and keep improving. 

What is the best part of your journey so far in this organization?
Best part of the journey has been the value I feel I have been able to create for the organization and for its consumers in India. So, that gives a lot of satisfaction. 

If you were to give out a single piece of advice for someone who wants to be you, what would that be?
Advice would be to not get satisfied with what u have done. Strive to learn more, think more and take ownership. Taking a wrong step is not a problem, but not taking is. 

What is your professional goal?
I am not sure of what my professional goals are. I have always been confused about that. I live in the moment and I can answer what i will be doing in the next 6 months / a year and so on/ so forth. Beyond that, I have stopped having goals in life. 

At the end of reading, here's what I have to say to the juniors who want to learn from this gentleman:

1. Know your office ways.
2. Understand your own values.
3. Identify your opportunities.
4. Take the first step.
5. Learn along the way.

Happy Work life!

Thanks friend, for the lovely answers that got me this post. Many more happy years of successful association with the work you do, and do so well!

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