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PINK - Viewpoints

Everybody has an opinion on everything. That's what makes me write this post. I have an opinion too.

This review is based on normal instances and excludes all the untoward incidents happening to women even if they are keeping their best of safety. I leave the judgment of such cases to God's court which definitely is fair!! God Bless All of Us Women to stay safe!!

This movie PINK has been on my mind since the date of release. All the reviews I read spoke about the boldness of the movie and of course, an Amitabh movie means " A must watch" for a lot of his fans. I liked the idea of seeing him as a lawyer on screen. That means dialogue intrinsic, so naturally there is going to be a message.

The story line is very simple : Three girls Falak, Meenal, and Andrea working in Delhi get into a hassled fight with guys that ends up in a police case. The girls were too modern, yet innocent to have trusted the guys just because they knew one person in the group. The guys tried to misbehave with them and they struck in self-defense. The ego battle started in the guys' minds and they made life hell for the girls.Advocate Deepak Shegal takes up the case and wins the trial.

The movie crew has done a very good job in every way. All compliments to the artistes and the director for making the story line an interesting watch. Best and the winning scene is the Defense counsel summary that Amitabh gave : A NO means a NO and a Man should understand that!!! Special thanks to that piece of script!!! Everyone should actually!!

All said, the movie failed to create the impact in my mind!

The first thought after I got out of the theater was to sincerely appreciate my men friends for the standard of decency and manners they maintain in the friendship we share. The next one was to thank my parents for all the effort they had taken to teach me the lines between modernity and ultra modernity, friendship and a little more than friendship, freedom and recklessness, and also to be conservative when required.

Although the movie ended up saying its the man's fault and the women are not guilty, a lot of the fault in my albeit conservative opinion is that of the girls.

To all the girls who read this post:

Why would you go out for a late evening party with guys who are just acquaintances?
Why cant you cover yourself a little more?
Why cant you opt for a soft drink?
When will you understand that you must leave the place if there are men drinking?

We all know that rationale doesn't exist when it comes to getting attracted to the opposite gender.No commoner, just no one has escaped it unless you are someone who lives in a forest among trees and animals or have landed straight from the God's abode and not from a mother's womb!! Give it a chance and you won't have a second chance to mend the damage. Then, why take a chance??

How do you expect men to keep their senses right when a girl seated close wears revealing clothes? How can you expect decency when you don't look like you care for decent looks? 

I am not saying, " Go back to the old times and cover up from head to toe even on a hot summer day", but consider wearing clothes that do not provoke the guy around you. He may share any relationship with you, but dress decent!!! Who defines that?? We girls have to find a definition that works for us - Something that does not display our precious figure and its dimensions to the public would do. Save yourself for the guy who shares his lifetime with you!!!There are so many western, modern, ultra-modern outfits and fashions that cover up too!!! Choose one of them.

Next is about going out late night. Now, nights do not have anything to do with safety or decency is true. A lot can happen in the day time too.. Still, when the whole community is sleeping not knowing what is happening to you, chances are you wont get much help. Go out during the day. Friends understand that your safety is important and wont ask you out for late night dinners. And no friend can claim that he can take care of your safety. Not all of us have wrestler or boxer friends to hang out with!!

Next is the drinks. Always ensure that you have your own policy in life!!. Don't take stuff that is harmful for your health. Don't take stuff that knock you out of your senses. That's the only way to stay safe. Just one alcoholic drink during a social gathering can mean nothing in today's times but think!!! Why do you need it?? A glass of a soft drink would do right??

Lastly, no matter what Men are MEN, All caps!!!. Lets stop saying Men are equal to Women!!!! In what quotient?? We are far far better than them in every way but thanks to the MAKER's choice of fine features ( yes, every woman is attractive in her own way!!!!) and strong emotions ( Oh yes, we say I love you more than Men do!!!) and river of sentiments ( yes, we can shed a tear or two easily!!!), we are in a nutshell WEAK - physically and emotionally. Mentally we may be strong but we definitely need the emotional support for it as well.

So that said, lets keep all the men around us informed and educated of our policies of eating, drinking, partying and trusting our complete selves with them. Have a policy that works for you and stick to it.

A man's life is tough these days.. He has to walk like a saint amidst all the scantily clad women with wax polished bodies and beautified face and lustrous hair flowing over her bare shoulders, and eyes that wear make up which is way too beautiful that he cant take his eyes off the girl!! How is that possible??!!!

Never blame MEN!!!! Its your right to dress beautiful. Agreed!!! But please accept that men WILL look at you, thanks to their properties as a Man - To like beautiful women is number one!!!, WILL touch you if you allow, thanks to the law of attraction in life, and WILL blame you for everything that happened, thanks to their Make!! No point in arguing that men are wrong and women are right.. In the end its the WOMAN who miserably loses emotionally!!!

The movie had an ending that proves the man wrong, but the girl went through all the verbal pricks and pokes in an open court room which ended up spoiling her peace entirely. When the older generation said " Girls should know how to behave" I used to fight for women. Now I know why they said that : Just to avoid hassles that our emotional selves can't handle easily.

You should be made of rock to excuse an unsolicited touch from a man!!! We are NOT. None of us is!!! So why get into trouble with men?? They are great as fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, colleagues, friends, uncles and they ARE trust worthy. You need to draw a line around yourself and stay within the limits for each of these relationships with men to be healthy and happy.

PINK definitely is a must watch for all the girls to gain their own lessons from it. The court room questions were bold and hopefully doesn't send a message to today's teens that at eighteen they can choose to do whatever they wish to with a boy, for the movie failed to highlight that such a relationship didn't last longer. The verdict proved the boys wrong but didn't warn the girls actions. This may send a wrong message to the teen clubs. As a mother of two, I understand the movie and its message as calling a SPADE a SPADE. Wonder if the kids of today will read it right!

PINK - Good Job!!!Bold Portrayal!!! Great Acting!!! 

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