Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Are you there??

Are you in?

If the answer to these questions is "Yes" from the other side, then the next question will be:

Can I come over?

If it is a "Yes" again,  then the next question will be:

What time would be convenient for you?

If you are beginning to wonder if this is an official meeting precedence, then stop right there. This is what happens on casual visits to friends' /relatives places too.

Implies... that we are beginning to formalize everything and every relationship too. We are beginning to see the other person as an intrusion in our lives because that's why the doubt comes up if it would be the right time to visit someone." What if I go in when they are busy getting ready to step out? What if they are not at home when I travel all the way to their place? What if they are unwell and are not in a position to answer the door-bell at all?? What if I disturb them or their plans??"

Agreed, these formalities are important and essential for today's kind of busy lifestyle but we also need to remember that we have come up to the point in life where we cannot take NO for an answer, cannot see a Closed Door, and cannot accept a plan going for a toss!!!

More than the Can, the CanNOTs rule us and define our lives!!!

So what if you go all the way to see a friend and it turns out that the family has stepped out for dinner. You could leave a Hello note and plan something else for yourself that evening. Why don't we take it that way?? When phones were not there, people did visit each other without prior information. Bonds seemed more real and straight out of heart back then.

 Just an observation and warning for self!!!! It is not that tomorrow morning I am going to try changing the formality myself, but it is definitely worth taking a step back to check if we are really bonding with people or faking it!!!

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