Thursday, April 28, 2016

Siddhartha Gautama's wife

On one of the Facebook posts someone had shared a story about Siddhartha Gautama who later shined as Gautama Buddha and presently is being worshiped as Lord Gautama Buddha.

The life and story of Gautama Buddha like many other great people's life is for us to learn from. There is no right and wrong in all the stories. All stories, real-life incidents, gossips etc., are always opined for or against by many . This post is just a response that I wanted to share based on a small snippet in Siddhartha's life.

It is said that "Siddhartha left his home at the middle of night, the night when his wife gave birth to their son". Years later, when they met again, his wife had no complaints about it. She had lived all her life alone for the son and did all her duties right. Gautama became popular and his wife did not, for she did what was asked of her and Buddha did what his calling to the earth was!!!

It was just this that makes me write this post.

The fact that a woman is courageous does.not mean she doesn't need emotional support. Unfortunately this world has misunderstood confidence, independence, and courage - the three qualities hidden in every woman u see but those will need love of her man to feel complete... Even if its the Good Lord Buddha, mistakes like walking away from someone who believed in you, cannot be justified. Destiny could be the masking word. 

I know the Gita has a different explanation for this and probably Lord Gautama's wife had the best emotional quotient like all Great Folk's family members, but I am just a common woman who writes just what I think I must!! 

Readers, this is definitely not meant to offend believers. I believe in Buddha's ideology too.

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Dew Drop said...

A friend' response on my gmail :

Very nice write-up Deeps. It has been this way in the past, it is the way now, and it would remain so in the future too. Sadly, our maturity to deal with people and situation, our guts to stay strong despite the odds, and our commitment to never walk away from our promises mostly go unnoticed. The worst part is that, it is conveniently ignored. Not noticing something and deliberately refusing to acknowledge we saw something are totally different.

Everyone enjoys the sense of having a family with an UNDERSTANDING wife and loving kids. The adjective understanding has just a few zillion expectations from the wife generally.

Love the husband so much that she puts him and his priorities in front of hers
Trust him without doubt...have kids...dream of raising them together, but then end up technically more like a single parent to their kids
Expect and respect that the husband's aims and ambitions are far more important that her very own
Ensure to tell her kids that their father really loves them, despite his scarce attendance in their kids younger age
Ignore her parents, family and friends and get busy embracing the new relationships her husband gifted her
Run tens of mini marathons each day to ensure everyone in her home is happy, and healthy
Fail to take care of her health
Forget the meaning of taking a break simply because she is super busy
Sleep less and work more...

The list can never end.

But interestingly when something goes wrong, there would be a hundred feedback s thrown at her on how better she could have handle it.

There is a saying in Tamil which means, it's easier to wake someone from sleep than someone who is pretending to be asleep. How true :)

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