Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fashion Mislead

I thought she forgot to wear her dress over her super neatly done white cotton slip. Then the sling bag, a pre-teen xerox copy beside her and her careless seeming careful make-up confirmed that she was 'dressed' up. I waved off my usual questions like.... why white?? how do u manage to walk like no one's looking at you? won't your daughter mimic you someday too?... and the like....because I had my son running around and my daughter sprinting to catch him and I obviously had to park the cotton slip lady aside in my mind.

I was busy minding my own business which is ensuring my kids were in my line of sight anytime, in the Sunday- crowded mall today. What is about Sunday crowds? people come over to just spend time... and its quite true. Nice place to window shoppe, bird watch, meet n greet, and also spend a lot of such shopaholic comes out of a shop. Nothing unnatural about it.. until u look at her dress..dress again!!!. She forgot to put on her jeans!!. Trust me... in the name of cool summer fashion people just take out a shirt from the cupboard and wear it off...!!!!.She looked well groomed.....but then i don't understand why she couldn't have chosen to wear something with the shirt. I looked carefully again just to make sure I am not missing the skin colored leggings that according to me are not required for some skin colors. They make u look again to really see if u r fully clothed!!

The next shock was a beautiful dark colored kurti on a dark-skinned beauty. black shoes and kurtis!!!. cool fashion indeed!! but why, it could have been a frock right?  or may be its just my out of trendy opinion!!. I let it pass... life got busy as my children were beginning to show signs of boredom... so I decided to leave.... on the way out i saw many fashion stores and wondered for the hundredth time why would people want to spend thousands of rupees on few items that expose more than they cover up!....

I was looking at a nice jewel piece and telling my daughter that someone has handcrafted it...was too busy explaining and watching my son run all over that I almost bumped into this lady who shocked me the most!. She was beautiful, well groomed, but definitely out of place in terms of western fashion prevalent in Bangalore. At least I have not had a chance to see someone wearing strapless dress, the length of which didn't cover anything at all beyond the basics.. and anytime her strapless could fail her fashion!!! looks. She kept adjusting it so much that I felt like handing over my dupatta to cover herself up. I was wearing a long and wide one today.

I stop blaming men for all the comments they may have on women's fashion - both for or against. Women must know that dresses are meant to cover up!! If summer is too hot, stay home!!. Don't venture out and spoil the real meaning of fashion!!.

- A very upset ME.

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