Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Going Blank!!!

Of late, I have been thinking about this phrase : Going Blank!

  • A ''Fill in the Blank'' question in school..
  • A blank white paper..
  • A blank greeting card..
  • A blank cheque..
  • A blank Word Document..
  • A blank Compose page on an email window..
  • A blank canvas..

All these blanks have definitely posed as a "scare" or a "feel of void" or "don't know what to say feeling" to each of us more than once in life.

More scary is the feeling of going completely blank in the mind!!!!

From a recent read, I learned that : friends, books, movies, television, games, hobbies, cooking, travel, spiritual and emotional quests, children, work, and even crossword puzzles or Sudoku keep your head from going blank and insane!!!

Lets devote time for things totally out of our tangent in life at least once a week to remain sane.


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