Monday, December 14, 2015


A simple word as it may sound, Recall simply keeps happening in my mind. Not sure, if its the same for everyone my age and kind, but thought its okay to share anyways.

I looked at a sketch that my daughter made and recall how some of our precious books back home had similar scribbles - those of mine, my mother told me later.

I heard two college students talk about Voltage, Shunt and Series and Parallel Controller and some such highly "Electrical Engineering" like words this morning. Could not help recall how I was in a similar position fifteen years ago discussing and studying same subject.

I bought coconut cookies yesterday for my children and recalled how I used to be crazy about them back in childhood.

I got dressed in a saree the other day and my daughter asked if I would buy her the same color saree some day. Recalled how I had asked similar questions to my mother when I was of my daughter's age.

I take the children out today and they hail an auto immediately. I recall how I loved auto travels too back in childhood, and even today.

Recalls are good if they make you smile. Recalls make you connect with the past and the people of the past. Recalls ascertain that nothing of the basics change over the generations or decades. The stage that you are in makes the decision and not YOU really. And its good if a child behaves like one, a teen ager behaves like one, a college student behaves like one and a working professional behaves like one..

After this stage is when the RECALLS really happen more often... When we realize that the wheels keep moving just the same way always . Today or Yesterday or Tomorrow.

Life is a Wheel. The Tyre on it may change over times but the concept of the Wheel is quite old and stands tall. 

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