Thursday, December 03, 2015

Cuddalore - Pondy - Chennai

There was a time when I used to travel from Chennai to Cuddalore every month at least once. So, I knew the roads too well. We have had several cyclones, almost every November and heard this November-December episode has the town shattered completely.

And Chennai.. Although a short stint of three years in Chennai, I have relatives living in Chennai, which means my association with Chennai is more than I have with any other city in India. I love the city for all its highs and lows, plus and minus, facts and fictions. It was an interesting phase of my life. I saw the tsunami times in Cuddalore and Chennai and kind of know how bad it can be to the people who live close to the sea.

The current torrential rainfall in the East coast, India, makes me go back in time and I keep thinking of Chennai more often than I want to. I like the people's strength and the standing up together for each other and the city to get back in action.


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