Friday, August 03, 2012

Routine - Meaning

I believed that the word Routine means there is a standard route or pattern which keeps repeating, mostly undisturbed. Now I know that Routine can also mean standard pattern of known unexpected happenings!!!

If that is confusing to you, either you are a man and are single, a woman and are not really thinking of babies yet, a married man blissfully unaware of what your baby's caregiver may be going through each day, or a married woman who is waiting outside the gynaec's office without knowing what you have really gotten yourself into!!

All said, babies teach you new meanings to old words and given a chance and absolutely free time, after the rest I am waiting to take every chance I get, I might think of putting a new dictionary to the many new meanings I have learnt so far, such as this one word, ROUTINE.

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