Saturday, August 18, 2012


Credit of building the physical Bridge mostly goes to the Civil Engineers often shared by Architects or Structural Engineers. Many contexts to this word - Bridge, all of them intending connection. Two unconnected things are usually bridged with something in common usage.London Bridge, Bridge the gap, Bridge the difference all mean the same but in different contexts.

Most important context of bridge comes in real life when we have to build mental bridge with people.

Physical bridges have a complexity, agreed, but there is a know-how that is always available. You just have to have a practice and some guidance and it is possible.

No matter how much you train yourself or discipline yourself, or learn from others, the matter of mental bridge between you and the other person seems a tough job...

Still, may be with age and time and practice it is still possible to stay 80% connected and understanding with most people we may chance to move with.

Physical structural bridge cant serve any purpose with an 80% connection whereas we can successfully "make do" with 80% mental bridge. That's a plus!!!

All this ramble came up when I think of how tough it is to follow what my daughter must be going through after I gave her a medicine that does not taste as she expected ( Probably!!.. I still don't know what she thought when I gave her the paracetamol drops as recommended by the Doctor..). Toughest bridge is to understand a new born.. But am sure in various stages of parenting it will be a challenge to understand a child as a toddler, little girl/boy, teenager and a grown-up!!!

As of today, am super shocked at how less I know to understand!!!! Although many times her smile makes me think that "She thinks I understand her fully!!!" which makes me all the more responsible to build the bridge 100% right between us.

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