Friday, May 18, 2012

Recent Whys

  1. Why do things have to fall down from your hands and not up?
  2. Why do the things that fall down always roll to a corner that is seemingly out of reach?
  3. Why do you have to drink water often?
  4. Why does the phone ring when you are away from it?
  5. Why does the door bell ring when you have just managed to position yourself well enough to a comfortable position?
  6. Why does talking seem tough chore?
  7. Why do phone numbers and names and events seem a burden on the otherwise calendar-marked brain?
  8. Why does sitting and standing and walking and lying down - each and all of it at once seems a herculean task?
What makes me write this post? Thirty seven weeks along with my pregnancy, I do realize that it is just possible that all these questions  are the most reasonable questions which no one really forewarned me!!! :)


Priya H said...


Casey said...

Hahahaha :) Congrats! Have not been following ur blog for a while now and hence the late message! Take good care of urself.

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