Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Night class!!!

I am only hoping that Blogger will publish the time of this post correctly. In any case here is the time I begin to write this post. 1:07 A.M on 22nd May 2012.

Slowly and enthusiastically walking into the 38th week of my pregnancy, I decided to retire early today, which was at 10:30 P.M. Since then, with sleep almost next to impossible like most days, and the aches and pains and restless night time that is supposedly part of the last month of most pregnancies, I just decided to not bother trying to put up with the nightmare of trying to lie down through the night. For lack of better option, I decided to log in to the net to see if the night world has people awake like me for many other reasons though.

Here are the lessons tonight:

  1. Your computer can fail to start just in time when it is all you wanted to do.
  2. All your restart techniques can fail miserably at 1:00 o clock in the night adding to your nightmare of losing your precious data the next day.
  3. You have to trust the good God to get things working on your computer as well apart from many other priorities.
  4. You might have to wait patiently in front of a non-living yet fully alive machine to see the familiar OS loading message and the desktop icons.
  5. You might have to check the virus update status past mid night when it was not your idea of logging in at all.

I quickly switched to blogger to share my load of the night realization and now am off to retire again since that is all is my capacity tonight to sit in front of computer. I fully realize that a computer not starting right can dampen your mood to do anything at all!!!

Am glad I am able to type fast enough to share my thoughts so all the wait in front of my machine to see that it started right finally was worth my while!!!


Harsha said...

Nice Blog !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Congratulations, Deepa. How are you feeling? Where are you these days? Come home?

reNUka said...

All the best!

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