K.J Yesudas's interview for me

K.J.Yesudas, the king of Carnatic and Cini songs in Indian Cinema, is finishing his fiftieth successful year of singing career. There was interview with him in one of the Malayalam Television channels.

One point among many of his valuable thoughts caught my attention and has managed to hold my attention to it over the last whole hour.

"If it is not meant for me, I wont get it and I have never worried about it. Its best to appreciate others work for what it is and my belief is that I will not get what is meant for the other person." This was his response to the question, " Have you ever wished that you got the chance to sing someone else 's super hit song?"

What a wonderful philosophy!!!.. Think about it.. Its so simple and the best way to make peace with our many thoughts many a time. Don't you think so?

The younger generation, that is all of us, always want something, or wish that we had a chance to get something, or be somebody, or be like somebody, or just plain be blessed more than what we currently are blessed with.. But I guess, this legendary singer's one line, clears all of these stress makers in one second.

What is ours will be ours and what is not ours won't be ours. How simple!!!!!

There is no need to regret about what didn't work in the past or fret about what might happen in the future, if we get this point straight. I wish to get this point straight into my head... Let's see if I manage to... :)


Casey said…
Yes, indeed. Jes wish we remember it when we are stressing over something irrelevant in life. I remember an addition to the philosophy, a time factor that is associated. "You will get it when you will and not a moment sooner or later or when you want it" :D Thanks for helping me revisit this philosophy :)
Kite said…
So very true!

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