Friday, November 18, 2011

Kadai or Frying Pan

I know you must be surprised to see such a title on my blog, especially after such a long gap in blogging.

I am surprised myself. Yesterday when I was mindlessly doing the dishes after breakfast, my favorite frying pan or kadai ( In Tamil ) was staring at me. I could imagine two eyes, a nose and a bright smile on the round kadai. I smiled involuntarily.

Then it struck me as I started scrubbing it, that this particular kadai has been of immense use in my kitchen for the last one plus year. Without this, I don't think, there has been a single day of cooking possible for me. At least I have a feeling that all my best dishes have come out their best because of this kadai.

I also couldn't stop wondering how tirelessly it is serving me. I gave a good look at the pan and saw a lot of wear from the constant usage and scrubbing and cleaning. It has lost its new look that it once had, still it has gained such an important space in my kitchen and my mind. Every time I enter the kitchen the first thing, I look for is this kadai, and if it is clean for the next use.

Now, what was in it for me and you ?? Although at times, we feel tired of life's various pressures, it is just in the best interest of our loved ones or ourselves. So, we just need to smile and do our duties to the best of our ability and just have service in our minds, just like the kadai.

Alright, it is easier said than done, especially when comparing with a non-living thing, but just for a second, personify the vessel or any favorite vessel that you put to constant use in your kitchen and imagine what it would have to say, if it were to speak :) Since the vessels don't talk, we underestimate the strain we put them to. So, its not just us, that are struggling in different ways in this world, even the non-living things do struggle, but they don't complain. :-)

It doesn't help to complain, but it does help to have the strength to cope. Follow the kadai principle: It is possible because it is my duty. :) I thought of this post because, I am heading straight to the kitchen to cook and I am going to scrub the kadai again. My dinner wont be tasty if I dont scrub my kadai and get it ready for the stove.

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