Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When not to say Good Morning!!!!!!!

This post has been picked up by Bangalore mirror dated 31st December 2009
This morning, I woke up to hear the sad news about the actor, Dr. Vishnuvardhan's demise. Always when a child is born, you feel great and when a life is lost, there is an unsettled, unknown feeling of sorrow, whether or not you know the person.

The clock doesn't stop anyway. I had my work day ahead, so, I stepped out of my room with a cup of tea as usual, to watch TV. Usually some music is on, mostly devotional. Today, there was a news channel that was telecasting ( is still telecasting, as I write this post three hours later) the proceedings at the actor's house. There were a lot of people around, grieving over the loss.

There was this telephonic condolence talk that was also being relayed. A caller who seems to be a great fan of the actor starts off his condolence note with a 'Good Morning'!!!!!. How can you say Good morning when it has not been a very good morning for most fans and near and dear ones of this great a very actor?

I have noticed and even written about how some phrases ( How are you ) have lost their real meaning in the minds of people. Today, I added 'Good Morning' also to that list. Schools and our family teach us to wish 'Good morning', but there is also a place, time and context for most greetings of the day. In Tamil they say, இடம், பொருள், ஏவல்
அறிந்து pesuga.

May be people should start thinking twice especially when giving a condolence note. What we took from education matters more than the number of academic degrees we have to our credit. Good morning can also hurt sometimes. Will people consider??


Krishna said...

Hey got here from Bangalore mirror.. It was not a good morning because for one more reason...for all the violence that took place in the evening...I thought people learnt a lesson after the violence that took place after Raj Kumar's death...but no...the goons continue to spoil the reputation of Bangalore and Karnataka..

Musing Gal said...

Actually Dewdrop it could be a Good Morning for millions around you, especially when they talk on the radio. You never know whose day you will brighten up with those words of "Good Morning" and " How are you?". I have personally felt it in more than one occasion. On sorrowful mornings a stranger's "Good Morning" has saved my day. This day you are mentioning - A child could be born somewhere, someone could have escaped an accident, someone might have an exam, someone would be hoping for a wish - So to me these are very good words. Infact for the sorrowful fans it should be a boost to say "Whatever happened is for some good/divine purpose which you do not know of!"

Dew Drop said...

Hi Musing Gal,

Thank you for your comment. I agree Good mornnig has made people's day more often than not.. When you are on a condolence call, how many times do you think you have heard yourself saying Good morning.. If you have, I dont think you should be saying Good morning..... No one wants to hear that 'whatever happened is good or best for the person who died' just soon after the death... It is important to know people's emotions when you talk to them :) is my take.. but I agree with what you say as applicable to other occassions :)

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