Monday, December 07, 2009

Aaja Nachle....Be in the moment

I got a chance to attend this writer's conference in Bangalore last week. The entertainment evening had this wonderful fusion dance number by two pretty and smart young ladies... or I'd just say the girls whose dance cast a spell on the audience....'Aaja Nachle' was one song.... the others I don't recall, as I am not very good at remembering cine bits ( music, stories and characters inclusive). What I definitely remember is that the music notes of the three songs were fused very well and the dance steps were in complete agreement.

So, what makes this dance so special that it called for a post on my blog?

This girl Ms.Damsel forgot that it was the stage and she is performing before a crowd of 500 plus people; she went into a new world where she was with the context of the song, her expressions perfect with the lyrics of the song, and her steps so gracefully tuned for the dance... She lived in the moment; the entire stage, the audience, her costume and the next step.. all seemed to fade in front of her and her expressions and the inner sense of bliss that reflected on her face said just one thing:
"Live in the present"..

After the great performance, it took her three minutes to gather herself back and realize that it was a stage show.... It was such an eye-opener for me. May be all seasoned dancers perform this way, but this performance made me realize, that it is not only the talent, but also the idea of living in the moment gave that extra touch to perfection in the dance.

A lot of people say this.. Live in the present, Be in the moment, Think of the present and other such thoughts that mean being present wherever you are at any given moment. All of us know it is a great idea, but for some reason most of us drift away from the present most of the times... It starts from the day dreaming times back in boring classes in school... True to the proverb,'Habit is second nature', we dutifully carry it forward to the next-to-next phases in life and slowly but surely we forget what it is like to live the moment, to live in the NOW; We either want to day dream( which is okay once in a while) or think of the future.... We want to be in college, while at school, want to start earning while at college, want to get a promote when just into a workplace, want to finish work before we begin... The same applies to clothing, just that with clothes it is the reverse order these days.. Minimalist clothing is the order of the day in some cities.

We think of home when at work and work when at home.. we think of a pending work when talking over the phone to a friend or sometimes multi-task ( talking on the phone with a friend, eating at the desk, and answering an email), we think of A when talking to B, and sometimes we think of food when we pray. Even God does not get our complete attention...

When we don't give our complete attention, we miss the message that the experience has to offer us. Aaja Nachle means, C'mon Dance... and to me it translates as "Be present in the Present". All thanks to the expressive and involved dancer, Ms.Damsel.

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SK said...

mmm Very good lesson .. I think you are watching each and everything around you very keenly :-)

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