Friday, April 10, 2009

Talk less

This is something I can never imagine...

May be it is true, because, everywhere, everyone seems to agree with this point, except a few like me, who think 'Talking is a gift that is to be cherished and used to its fullest potential'.

I may not completely agree with the 'Talk less' word any day, but I must say that the T-shirt quote I read recently made me think :

The T- Shirt said : Talk less than what you know.

I had to walk a good fifteen minutes to reach my destination, and this quote clung on to my head.

I liked it because, it didn't stop at Talk less. It says, Talk less than you know..

This way, you can get a chance to listen to what others might have to say about the same point, you may not been seen as a person with a 'Know all' attitude, you will have a chance to weigh the other person's mood or response before you make it good or worse and you can take time to take calculated risk with words.

There is a popular quote saying : Words and eggs are to be handled with care, for eggs when broken and words when spoken cannot be repaired.

I believe, the quote, Talk less than you know can make sure, you don't speak words that get you into a soup.

Nice quote, all thanks to the T-shirt designer.

1 comment:

nishitak said...

Very nice post...that quote is so true. You can never take back words spoken in haste.

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