Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blessing in disguise...

We've all heard this I am sure..

I am not able to place exactly when, but sometime in the last three or four years, I had forgotten or lost the art of handling the not-so-pleasant remarks that happens once in a while, on the personal or professional front.

Yesterday was a hundred percent Murphy's law day for me. To help you recall, Murphy's law goes like this : If anything can go wrong, it surely will.

So, my temper was at its peak and was spoiling my work day, big time. I spoke to a very good friend of mine who clearly got the idea that I was in the worst of temper.

Today, I had this interesting meeting with a junior friend J ( J for junior), arranged by this good friend.

Here's what I gathered in my one hour conversation with J:

- Keep calm. If something goes out of your control, it does.
- Embrace positivity all the time.
- Do something about the problem at hand.
- To get convinced about something, is a choice that you make.
- To get influenced is again a choice.
- Give it a shot. If it doesn't work, you at least can be glad you tried.
- If you don't get what you want, that is not the end of the world.
- React, but do not over-react to any situation.
- Weigh your priorities.
- Change your mindset only when you think you are convinced.
- If there is a challenge, meet it.
- To be gentle in a disagreement, is quite an art.
- Never forget that a coin has two sides.
- There is a view point to everything. What is correct in your view, can be totally incorrect for someone else.
- You surely can spend time for people.

Yeah, these are my first level thoughts after meeting J. Did J say all these? No. definitely not. We never really spoke much on these lines. It is just that I saw an attitude in J that I once had, when I was just out of college and I realized I had lost that sometime in between.

So I just decided to jot down what I believe we should have, to handle people-management better. A glimpse of the attributes of the attitude is what you just read.

Its not that we didn't know all these, its just that time and again, we forget these or think that these are way too impractical to keep a watch for a lapse in these thumb rules of people management. That aside, we think that they are impossible to keep up.

Some of these were once, the principles I held very close to me and it was a chance today to have recalled them. Thanks to my friend who got this meeting with J arranged. It is surely a Blessing in Disguise because, I am now sure that I will handle my next work weeks better. I am not saying these principles are easy, but the conscious efforts you take towards these, slowly become a habit, is my guess.

Thanks, dear Friend. You knew how to help, and Thanks, J.

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