Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trust you...

Trust in God, Trustworthy friend - We have heard of these time and again. I would rephrase it as Learn to trust like a little child.

Last month, I was visiting my friend. She has a one and a half year old, baby girl. I had bought my first chocolate ( Cadbury Diary milk) for the little girl. I don't usually buy chocolate for kids till I know they have been introduced to chocolates.

The little girl wanted to eat the chocolate. Her mom ( that's my friend) asked her to give it to auntie ( that's me ) to open the wrapper. Without a minute's hesitation the child gave me the chocolate. And she looked at it with such eagerness and so much trust that I WILL surely open it for her.

Now, that's what is TRUST. She never once thought that I may not open it, may eat the chocolate myself, or may not give it to her at all. She believed her Mom, and so listened to her and gave me the chocolate. It was a total trust. When there is total trust, you don't have a choice but to keep it up.

Do we trust and keep up trust this way? Don't tell me, grown-ups cannot be trusted like this at all... I agree, but do we even realize that 'To know if someone is trustworthy, we have to trust him or her'. This is a translation of a quote I read in Tamil.

Forget all that.... Do we trust in God completely, this way? If you don't believe in God, you surely must be believing in some thing that's much higher in power than youself - confidence, some principle or a faith.... Do you trust that super-power totally??

Think about it.. I am.

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