Thursday, March 05, 2009

Don't complicate the already complicated system.....

Affiliated to Bangalore university, Recognized by some X state i cant recall, Approved by AICTE - took me a second to recall that this stands for All India Council of Technical Education... I saw this on a college bus just below the name of the college.

I quickly began to think, what else could have been added? Recognized by Government of India, Approved by the United States, Accredited by some committee... and may be many more...couldn't help thinking... Is it recognized by Swiss?

I have a simple question... All I need to know is which college does this bus take me to. As I cross the road, I surely will not want to spend time memorizing all the details I read. I just will remember the name of the college for a later research on the details, if at all I decide to take an admit in the college.

Wonder what so many Recognized by, Approved by credits really mean to the parent community. Everyone today takes stock of how many students from an institute went abroad or to premier institute for higher studies, how many students got placed in campus recruitment, how is the hostel, any bad to worse news about the behaviour of the students that is out on the front page news of any news paper or Internet? That is all anyone cares.

All these accreditation, approvals and recognitions are just for the college authorities to ensure they are doing a good job at educating today's stars. Everyone knows what Govt of India approved institute means and AICTE approved technical education. May be the student group will be interested in knowing which university the college is affiliated to, just to know how difficult or easy it is to study in the institute... Again all this information is not required in a college bus board.

No one is going to put the child in the institute or school just because the college has all these high sounding words along with the name of the institute... people do not really know what each of these certification means.

So why confuse the passers-by on the road with all these high-sounding, totally pointless, highly confusing words on the college bus boards? Why complicate today's already complicated education?

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