Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Forgive for Good

I know this topic seems too much of a strain on your mind.. and very different from my usual writing pieces.

Over the last week, I happened to meet some one online and believe me.... Those 30 minutes of chat on Yahoo messenger with her changed my way of looking at things in life..

It is not what she said that made me think about forgiving people.. it is what I felt made me change my way of looking at things....

Since that day, I am relaxed much more than ever before when it comes to people and their attitudes.. coz, I have learnt to say " These things happen in life " and " It is okay to Forgive..."

Now why do I say 'Forgive for Good' and not just 'FORGIVE'?? That is because, when you forgive, you not only learn that you are No God to Forgive people but also learn that your blood pressure and tension come to a quick control.

This way you no longer brood about why some one did/said something unplesant to you.

In most cases, the same person would be shocked to note that you have actually not taken it as serious as it was supposed to be taken.

In most other cases, if you forgive, you will note that what happened was purely circumstantial and if you were the opponent you would have acted worse or atleast pretty much the same way.

In few other cases , for all you know the other person would not even have realised that you are hurt because of him/her.

Forgiveness makes you realise that you have wasted so much of your energy or tears on something that could have been solved this quickly. Just forgive... You are not God the almighty who is all powerful... So, if you just take off that heavy burden of the past unplesantries from your mind through a simple ' Forgive you' concept, Life would be Beautiful .....every day, every moment.

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