Monday, January 29, 2018

On being the Head of an Organization

Just how does it look like to be at the top??

He believes :
  • Everyone loves him.
  • Everyone listens to him.
  • One word from him and people know its final
  • He decides and it gets done.
  • Its only because of him that everything is going on the way it is.
  • He is the only person who is responsible for things that are happening in his organization.
What it may really feel like to be at the top??
  • No one is a real friend.
  • No one listens because he wants to, but because he has to.
  • Nothing can be done by a mere word unless these people invest their effort, but saying is minimal, so say it.
  • When I decide, I have so many people to convince to see it happen.
  • I am not the doer, just the facilitator for all that may happen if they get convinced.
  • I get paid to play the game, face the blame whether in a win or a loss.
  • Everyone looks at me from behind the screen of a painted tainted glass. Beautiful to see, touch, and appreciate but hard to own.
  • Every smile I get is in anticipation of getting ‘noticed’ and not genuine.
What is it like, to be at the top?

It is lonely at the top. 

If you have made friends with whom you can be yourself, the types that are usually from your school days/college days/early career days/ true admirers and not your 'plush office room - briefcase - suit - tiepin - everyday air tickets - secretary to manage your calendar - working lunches - sponsored bar dining -plastic standard smile' days, then you are probably not all that lonely in your mind. 

If you are reading this and agree with this, get in touch with folks to whom you matter and folks who matter to you, outside of any real material want. Remember, what finally stands is the people who love you anyway! and people to whom your success matters nothing more than your own happiness. Everywhere else, you are only holding a position and it can get lonely as you climb up the work ladder.

Musings - Dewdrop - January 24th 2018.

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