Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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I do appreciate stand-up comedies and loved the laughing riot I got into while watching a stand up comedy fwd that I got on WhatsAppp. After a long time, I laughed until my stomach hurt... I don't know too many names of the comedians though... when the three minute video ended i almost hit the Share icon to share the video to friends.. now i have men friends and women friends in my list. Realized that there were mentions in the comedy that i wont want to share it with the men. So let it pass...

Moved on to the next item on the YouTube suggestion list of similar titles. Watched at least seven more videos by different null comedians. Thanks to my profession as a technical writer, as much as words and their usage amaze me, i cannot stand use of unwarranted, ill-fitted, obscene words too often in the name of comedy. I do understand the pun-intended word usage which i admit is okay if the joke is for adults, came out as casual as its meant to be,was intended to be understood, and not laid out to understand!. Sometimes a joke is best when its understood in a moment and becomes obscenely ugly if elaborated!. 

All of the videos i saw today had unwarranted reference to f lettered fliers... why????!!!!.I am tempted to ask people how fluently can they use a word without really fitting it in context??? English is a beautiful language. The popular f lettered word has it roots somewhere and has its own meaningful history. My job demands that i write a sentence, read it, cut out excessive verbiage and give it crisp finish and i do it for every line i write... The only place I don't snip my work is here; this blog space because this is a direct output from my head. Unedited and uncovered version of what I think.

Sense of humor in adult jokes is beautiful and has to be put out neatly without causing discomfort to share.. women in the audience may not be as comfortable as the speaker. Just why does a piece on food, flight, airport, dress is made to sound like an uncomfortably tight garment?!! Now did u like that comparison? But it is still covered up neatly right? Dress Comfortably!!! and that is to say dress up your sentences. Say anything but say it well!!. All of us understand the difference between "Get out" and "Can you please give me some time?" Just like how we try to be as courteous as possible at any office space we must remember that it is important to say things in a presentable manner.

So all i am saying is I appreciate your talent dear stand up comedians, but remember there is still a thin line we like to draw in public between what a woman can handle and what a man can enjoy. I am.sure both appreciate adult jokes that can subtly boost the humor tangent given to a common place topic! Just iron it a little! 

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Dan The Don said...

Valid point.. watch 'comedian Praveen Kumar' and 'Alexander Babu Arulandhu', these two are clean, good comedians as far as i have seen :)

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