Sunday, July 29, 2012

Building up confidence - Lesson 1

Confidence lesson starts in the cradle.. My daughter thinks the cradle is rocking because she is taking efforts to do it with her constant hand and leg movements. When the rocking stops she looks concerned and kicks harder and stronger and faster. If the cradle still doesn't move, then she lets out her cry, a very mildly expressive one. Last resort is non stop crying..

I wait for her effort and then rock the cradle, so she believes in her own effort. I guess building confidence starts as early as sixty days!!! At least that is what I think.. I want her to know that all efforts pay off in time.. and I guess this translates as confidence later in life.

As with all new moms, am super thrilled and I guess I will write more about my new experience in life..though I look forward to writing variety, I think most of my writing may get centered around my little one.

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