Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happenstances - Appreciations made me smile!!!

I disconnected my internet after trying very hard to rewrite something that I rewrote already.. Oh yes, these things are very common in technical writing. The best decision that has always worked for me is to switch to my blog and write or read something that I wrote before or approve a comment or may be even write a post that day. For a while I have not been doing this and so it never occured till I almost pressed the shut down button. [ Okay dont ask me, why, you can always restart... You cant, especially if you have worked hard on one page and finally emailed that copy to your client and didnt find the next page interesting enough to spend the next three hours on.. and I dont have that kind of 'bandwidth' in my present lifestyle ].

I really do not know how but I suddenly remembered something I wanted to write about and was sure it wont take long to write it out. So reconnected the net and logged in to blogger.

There was a comment waiting for me. As always, comments make me jump for one good reason - They increase your curiosity and the reader's comment could be one of appreciation, strong dislike, criticism, sarcasm or a different opinion. All of these are worth every minute of their time on my site. So, I look forward to reading the comments and also take a double check on how I take them. The blog really has helped me take comments well on my technical writing world as well.

Now, to this comment which is definitely a happenstance I would say. It was on this post I wrote last February on an art exhibition by Artist Anuradha Nalapat.. Today I saw the artist's comment on the post.. A busy artist that she is, it thrills me infinitely to see that my post has reached her mail box or search index on google. Whatever way, the comments were encouraging.. It has these words " You write beautifully' and I am tempted beyond the extent of what I can express, to tell my project client ( the rework manager ) that there are people who believe I can write well :)

That aside, the comment is very positive and encourages me to close my work day with a smile.

Artist Anuradha made my day. And this is totally a chance, a happenstance.. else I would have left my work desk with a feeling of ' Oh My God, why am I not getting this piece right? '.. So our lesson here, is to give appreciation whenever we get a chance. We never know when it can make someone's day or what level of encouragement it can be to anyone, personally or professionally. Lets appreciate everything around us, everyone around us, for what it is always.

Thanks Anuradha, for the encouragement. Means a lot today.


Priya H said...

congrats Deeps!

prateek_sethi said...

nice post........
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Manjunath Raj said...

Wonderful Deeps! And congrats :)

Needless 2 say, u deserve it!

Yes, acknowledging people in one's life is definitely very important which people don't do very often.

Sure feels gr8 2 b acknowledge for things u do in life :)

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