Television - a new angle

Until this morning, I never gave any serious consideration for Television as a medium of knowledge.

My grandmother was seen to be very busy with her cooking in the kitchen. We all knew it was only 10.00 A.M and there was a lot of time to even think of lunch. Besides we were a lot of people who could help in cooking as well. That way, we need not enter the kitchen until Noon.

While the entire family was chatting about everything and nothing, we noticed that my grandmother was quietly rushing off to the living room. After giving it a safe timer of five minutes, my curiosity got the better of me and I went to check what makes the always present grandma so busy to even sit with the gathering.

There she was trying to figure out the channel number that played her favorite programme.

After a very very very long time, I decided to watch the programme with her, more t0 find out what makes her rush to the Television.

There was this programme called Makkal Arangam wherein people discuss common issues of the village or town. The host of the programme conducts it so wonderfully well that after a few weeks the problem in the village or town or city is said to be resolved or to say the least addressed. My grandma seemed to really notice all the intricate details given out visually and verbally in the programme. At the end of it, I realized that this was probably the only way that the old people really got to know what is happening in the world. Their eyes dont permit reading the small print of the newspapers most of the times. A very high volume TV programme can show them the world from the comfort of their houses.

I finally agree that Television is quite a boon for a lot of people who don't get to really network and see the world for themselves. Most watch the world's hustle and bustle through Television's small frame. Afterall, Television is not so bad an invention, discounting the fact that there are some programmes that make you wonder why a TV was even invented... But then when you make the right choice, I am sure TV is a big boon and a great source of knowledge.


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