Monday, November 08, 2010

If there seems to be no way, make one....

Yes, that is an adapted quote: A quote from the cover pages of one of the student hand book that I bought last year said: We will either find a way or make one.

Very inspiring!!!

I recently moved out of corporate and presently looking for freelance assignments online. Never been a freelancer before so was fiddling with the mouse, clicking some links on the Google search results..

I am amazed at the multitude of job openings available in the market from individuals, small scale business owners and large scale companies. Some of the jobs are too surprising!!! Like, write a thank you card and you get paid!!! This one made me click the link.. not to consider taking up the job but to see why someone wants to employ people to write thanks.. It means the employer is so keen on sending thanks and that there are too many thanks cards to be written and so is willing to employ someone. The link indeed had this job description!!..

Then there are a lot of other assignments that offer jobs for people based on their interests. You need not be a highly qualified expert professional in some field to think of earning some cash. You just need the thought of making money with some hard work that you can offer. The opportunities available are endless..

We just have to be able to think of making a way, if there seems to be none.. I dont say its easy, but it surely is possible to make a way in your own style always..

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