Monday, June 29, 2009

Unnal Mudiyum Thambi

After my tiresome hunt for a nice, latest, cool, interesting, informative, encouraging movie in 2009 ( tough combo) I decided to watch some interesting movies of the 1980s, the ones that I had missed when I was to young to understand movie and too busy to waste three hours in a movie theatre...

I have seen a few frames and heard some songs from this movie 'Unnal Mudiyum Thambi', but don't recall seeing the movie from start to end.. So that's how, I picked up this diskette two weeks ago after a quick raid in a Planet-M outlet.

Starring Kamal Hassan, Gemini Ganesan, and Seetha, this Kavithalaya make is a wonderful gift to the movie industry by director, K.Balachander.

Mr. Pillai [Gemini Ganesan(GG)] is a veteran in classical music. His music means the world to him. His children were good at music too, and would accompany him for all his concerts. He was very proud about his talent in music and believed that one day his son Uday would become a famous classical singer too. Still, he never appreciated his son even once on his music talent. GG always told his son that he was very irresponsible and would not grow up to be successful. Uday was not too bothered until one day the arguments between the father and son became a little too serious enough to be ignored without a reaction. Uday spent some quiet time reflecting on himself and his life in general. He had been watching the old gardener of his palatial house. This gardener finishes all his work in GG's palace, and then does some tree plantations every day. When asked why, he replied to the wonder-eyed Uday, that he is doing what he can to help the environment. The idea and the determination of the old man thrilled Uday so much that he just decided that he will do what he can for the community, society, and life in general.

In his quest for opportunities to contribute to the world, Uday found a like-minded girl, Lalitha, and both of them together reformed the whole village where they lived. GG was a little upset about the son not focusing on music, but Uday excelled in public service, became the limelight of the country, and brought lost smiles back to some families in the village.

That's about the story. Wanted to keep it short, but could not cut the content more than this. It is such an inspirational story line. There is a balance of sensible comedy, practical screen play, flawless scripting, thought provoking dialogues and excellent music.

It is excellent to see the undisturbed culture and tradition of the South in the costumes, dialogues, lyrics and the scenes. It is hard to believe that the movie industry today has changed so much from what it was back in the 80s.

I am not saying about the style and other interests that keep changing over times, but about the base values. It is hard to believe that we rarely get to watch movies that portray the values and principles that were once the strength of India.

I don't think we should be surprised if some documentary movies come up in future, to teach the culture, tradition and principles of the yesteryear India - The land of rich cultural heritage and staunch moral values.


Videhi Visali said...

Now ..I can figure out the roots of a telugu remake of this movie"Maranamrudangam" starring GG Chiranjeevi, Shobhana. A thought provoking flick indeed and the few songs are well written that they are worth to be memorized!

SG said...

I totally love this movie and I get what you mean w.r.t missing values.

It has such a powerful screenplay that at the end of movie you would decide to make a stop at udavum karangal or do something along those lines !

Some scenes I love:
- Anna playing 'raghupathi raghava rajaram' to indicate he is on board with Kamal marrying Seetha
- Anna playing nadasvaram to divert kamal and Gemini from their fight and the trio perform together at the end of the scene !
- Kamal meeting Seetha's father
- Conflict between going punctually to the katcheri against helping an accident victim

well, I can go on and on but I think I should stop here... :)

sneha said...

u knw wat aka.. ths movie was a super crap(sorry but i dnt like it much) except for the entertainment stuff, This movie shud be watchd if u hav nthng to see or do!! :(

sneha said...

oopss.. i m soo sorry my comment was nt for ths movie.. it was Rab ne bana di.. I m soo sorry!!! new to blogspot!!! :)

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