Friday, June 20, 2008

Splash on Job

  1. Never make your hobby your job...suddenly, at some point in time, money will seem to matter a lot.
  2. Love your job.. If you don't, find ways to love it.. If not, move on.
  3. All jobs get interesting with nice managers.
  4. The most interesting job can get irritating with a bossy manager.
  5. Aim for and work towards perfection in your job, but remember to forgive yourself of your mistakes at work, because no one else will.
  6. To love your job, compete with your past record in the same job.
  7. To do a thorough job, all you need is the fundamental belief that you can do better than the best.
  8. Take time to appreciate the job you have done... often that improves your performance.

1 comment:

aruna said...

Very true thoughts .. nice on Deepa.

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